3 Methods of Keeping Up with My Partner Physically and Mentally

3 Methods of Keeping Up with My Partner Physically and Mentally

When it comes to keeping up with your partner we are, of course, meaning in a fitness sense primarily, but also in terms of mental alertness. Neither fitness nor mental agility has to be about gender, it is about achieving a level of stamina or skill that is competitive with what your partner can achieve. We will feel better and more energized for having achieved it and happy that we are not, in a sense, slowing our partner down. Keeping fit allows us to complete tasks more easily instead of feeling too tired to attempt them or too exhausted to continue with them. Keeping our mind agile allows us to think quicker in all sorts of situations.

So, this article will look at ways that you both can keep fit. Then, you can share the chores.


Why not consider exercising together. This will save time and allow you both to share something. In a home gym situation, one of you could be on the exercise bike while the other is on the treadmill. Both exercises are cardiovascular, whether you are representing cycling or running. To make either activity harder to endure, you can increase the tension on the exercise bike or alter the slope of the treadmill to increase its gradient. They then provide a challenge in equal measure. Outdoors, you and your partner could go on a run together and enjoy spending time together while exercising and breathing in the fresh air. You will then both feel like you have re-charged your batteries.

Enough Sleep

There is nothing more likely to zap our energy than not having enough sleep. One cause of not having enough sleep might be staying up to watch a late-night movie. This should be easier to avoid now that we can stream movies any time of the day or night. The constant looking at screens can cause our brains to stimulate meaning that we stay awake. We can help mitigate this by using glasses that can be found on websites like Felix Gray, as well as using blue light filters as much as possible during the evening. Another cause of staying up too late might be to finish something. This could be a household chore or an academic piece of work. To avoid this, we should learn to plan and prioritize. Prioritization is about working out the most effective order in which to complete tasks so that all the tasks are completed comfortably within their deadlines. This can be achieved through better use of calendars and diaries that are in sync and starting things sooner to allow ourselves more time to complete them. If you are still struggling to sleep after following the aforementioned advice, then you should probably research sleep aids. This includes valerian, lavender, benzodiazepines, and delta 8 THC (which you can read about on the CFAH website). This should only be done once you have tried everything else, though. If you don’t want to take any of the medications, you could try another route such as changing your mattress. This may help at times, as a comfortable mattress can aid with backache and other issues. However, make sure that you read numerous mattress reviews online (for example, Peacelily Mattress Review 2021) or elsewhere before deciding on one.


Games have a way of keeping the mind occupied, whether they are board games or computer games. For a word game there is Scrabble and for a number game Sudoku. Different variations on word and number games are available in board game format. These traditional games can translate well to the computer screen, too. To bring games to life, as advanced graphics and sounds give them an even greater air of authenticity, there are computer games like Colonist (play here) that can be played individually or shared. The target with exercise might be to beat our best running time, whereas with gaming it is to achieve the highest score or more success compared to another. It is only through setting ourselves targets that self-improvement results. When it is not possible to play the games together with a partner because of commitments, we can practise with another like-minded person who can often be based in a different country. That is the beauty of gaming. We do not have to feel alone even if our partner cannot join us. When they can, though, we can demonstrate just how good we have become. There is a certain satisfaction in being able to score more than our partner, in terms of the board or computer games that we play. It can be what keeps us going mentally through difficult times.

In conclusion, all three activities provide both parties with the energy to get through the day and night. Making sure that you find time for fitness is important because it helps maintain a healthy body and mind. Equally important is having enough sleep so as not to feel too tired to either exercise or face the day ahead. To stimulate the mind beyond what the body can, it can be boosted by playing games that solely require brainpower.

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