5 of My Favorite Things!


I thought I would do a little page dedicated to what I love! Maybe we will have some things in common, that you could leave in my comment section and it will give me a reason to write about it more in the future!



Number 1: Strawberries


I am obsessed with fruit and right at the top of my list is the iconic Strawberry. Is there anything better than a hot summer day with a gorgeously juicy bowl of strawberries, strawberry-flavored water, and strawberry-themed sunglasses? Like I said I love Strawberries! What fruit do you like the best? Or do you despise fruit and jump straight for the vegetables? I want to know!




Number 2: Water Skiing

When I went to Hawaii about 2 years ago I went on my first water ski and wow! It was the most exhilarating and freeing experience I’ve ever had. I will admit, I didn’t manage to stay on the surface for too long, but since then I’ve got (a bit) better.




Number 3: Budgeting

I love having a clear plan of what I have in my accounts and what I can spend, it means that I never have to worry about running out of money, as well as having plenty left over for treats! Last month I had a homemade Vegan Pizza Party for one and it was so much fun! I watched 3 movies, snuggled under a blanket, and dug into my delicious pizza, as well as having some little chocolate and icecream treats for afters! BEST NIGHT EVER!




Number 4: Hiking

There is nothing quite like trekking up the side of a mountain with amazing views everywhere you look. Every vacation I go on I try to sneak in a hike at some point, just so I can really experience the land and the air of another country. It’s not only amazing for your mental and physical health but it helps you to be more aware of your surroundings and live in the moment, sometimes if it is a warm day I even do a little bit of yoga on my hikes (this is only if I’ve not worn all my equipment). I would recommend doing this too, I promise you won’t regret it!




Number 5: Cats

I am a self-professed crazy cat lady. I love everything about them, the sassy walks, sweet little meows, and the big soft cuddles. I am sorry to all you dog lovers out there who read my blog, but my heart belongs to the cats of the world, there is something about the way they move and live that just makes me feel captivated and melty at the cuteness of them! How could you not love them!





So there you have it, five of my favorite things. Leave me a comment telling me 5 of your favorite things or if you are the same as me and like some of the ones I chose! I look forwards to hearing what you come up with!