Dancing For Fitness: Using Dance as a Health and Fitness Routine

Dancing For Fitness: Using Dance as a Health and Fitness Routine

Over the last year, I have taken to doing dance routines as part of my health and fitness program. I can report that it is so much fun. I have discovered that dancing is very good for my heart and helps with my balance, coordination, 

Steps to Follow When Applying for a Bridging Loan

Steps to Follow When Applying for a Bridging Loan

If you need quick financing, you could benefit from bridging loans. A bridging loan will come in handy if you are making a large investment or purchasing a property. I have seen huge companies rely on bridging loans to fund acquisitions. I feel that bridging 

Mental Fitness for Confidence and Winning in Life

Mental Fitness for Confidence and Winning in Life

Research shows that people profit the most who have self-esteem and who bolstered their psychological strength. Poise is the assurance of great accomplishment for people, and a lot of times is the indicator between failure and success. Looking around and there are a lot of people with genuine self-esteem who urge and affect others without difficulty. Some people have been promoted to vastly paid titles in their employment, while other people with better guidance have not.

Looking at it closely, it is observed that people who progress in life strongly believe in themselves with their capacity to become successful. These kinds of people radiate assurance and pose and are likely to have endless access to expanded vision and wisdom. Other people follow them naturally, while the person who is short of self-confidence drives others back instead of attracting them. Having self-confidence is the belief in the innate talents and abilities of a person to disable procrastination, phobias, fears, adversities, and inhibitions for doing something. Deficient self-confidence influences all aspects of the life of a person. A person may have all the training, skills, and mental capabilities to succeed in the chosen career, but lacking self-confidence is a disadvantage, sputtering and struggling to work well in all aspects of life.

Low sales outcomes, losing employment, having a family member pass on, having the car repossessed, filing for bankruptcy, failing in an examination, being neglected for a job, ugly, stupid, being called obese, and hearing bad news are just some reasons for having a shortage of self-confidence. All people are born with self-esteem. Take a look at the reactions and actions of a child before they are filled with phobias, fears, adversities, and embarrassments of thoughts as adults.

Like athletes who train to fatigue daily, to get their bodies ready for having great lungs and muscles, they must teach their minds for concentration, self-confidence, and control. Also, similar to elite athletes, in a majority of sports, is on the level with physical and skill prowess, business individuals mirror one another in talent and skills leaving feelings and thoughts as the advantageous factor. People can develop the edge aspect of self-confidence and the ability to become successful through everyday activities with mental fitness. Some people call it a mental workout or mental gymnastics to push themselves beyond their limitations. Becoming an elite sportsperson is not much dissimilar compared to being a manager, professional salesperson, actor, entrepreneur, doctor, musician, writer, or any other expert. Everyone has skillsets, physical abilities, and education that need handling with regards to the available activity. The huge difference is that elite sportspeople find mental training essential, not only for doing it during the game day but also for maximizing their workouts daily.

No matter the profession an individual is in, building up self-confidence can be attained through a regular practice of mental fitness. A saleslady can develop psychological and physical strength for attaining the top of their game with similar mental fitness methods that elite athletes make use of.

Simple Mental Fitness Exercises

1-People need to jot down in-depth as to what they would like to attain. People must keep in mind this statement when jotting down the goal.

2-People must relax by assuming a stance by either lying down or reclining with legs uncrossed and arms loosely held at the side. Ensure not to be disturbed by turning the cell phones, television, or radio off and remove any animals like cats and dogs from the room.

3-People need to use their imagination by smelling, hearing, touching, and visualizing the eye of the mind to the anticipated result and new outcomes to achieve.

4-While in a relaxed state, a person needs to repeatedly, silently, and inwardly take advantage of self-talk that assists the imaging in mind and acts as the goal is already reached.

5-Practice daily, similar to professional and elite athletes, to build up the edge factor of self-confidence and the ability to become successful. Having self-confidence will help any person to succeed in their chosen career path in life.

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Choosing the Right Keywords for a Blog: A Beginner’s Guide

Choosing the Right Keywords for a Blog: A Beginner’s Guide

When entering the world of blogging, choosing keywords can seem quite daunting. Still, the fact is that keyword research is the most important part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and getting traffic to our website.


And guess what else?


Every post where we don’t do our keyword research correctly is a wasted opportunity to rank in Google and help our website gain authority.


Want the good news?


I’ve been there, starting a new blog and struggling to gain SEO traction. I learned the hard way how to write blog posts that rank well, and I want to share what I learned.


So let’s dive in…


Things to Consider Beforehand

Not All Keywords Are Equal

A keyword isn’t always a single word; it can be a string of words put together; these are known as long-tail keywords. Here is a quick overview of keyword types:


-Head keywords: These are one or two words in length and will return millions of search results. For example: “shoes.”

-Body keywords: These are slightly longer and provide somewhat more specific results. For example: “men’s shoes” or “shoes for teenagers.”

-Long-tail keywords: This is where we really start to drill down more and provide laser targeted results. For example: “best shoes for men with flat feet” or “best shoes for plantar fasciitis.”

Understand What We Want Our Blog Post to Do

We need to clearly understand what purpose we want our blog post to serve and the type of keyword we need to target. So, for instance:


-Navigational keywords: These help the user find a particular brand, product, or service.

-Informational keywords: These are used when someone is having a problem or issue, and they want to find a solution or answer to that problem.

-Transactional keywords: These are used when a consumer is ready to make a purchase.

Choosing a Keyword, Step-by-Step

1: Come Up With Keyword Ideas

Don’t worry about competition or search volume; simply come up with a list of potential keywords. Here are some handy tools that we can use for inspiration:


-Google Keyword Planner: Technically designed for Google Ad campaigns, it can be used for keyword research. Create a Google Ads account and click on the ‘Google Keyword Planner.’ Enter a keyword in the ‘Find new keywords’ field, and Google will generate a number of related terms.

-Google Suggest: Go to Google and start typing in a keyword and Google will automatically populate the search bar with suggestions. Make a note of any that are relevant.

-Answer the Public: Answer The Public is a great free site to quickly and easily see what people are searching for.

There are numerous other resources we can use, but by this point, we should already have a good shortlist.


2. Establish If People Are Searching for These Keywords

There is no point spending hours slaving over a blog post if people aren’t searching for what we are writing about. Again there are tools we can use to give us an idea of the search engine volume for our keywords.


My favorite free keyword tool is Ubersuggest, but Google Keyword Planner, which we mentioned above, can also be used to show search values. There are also paid keyword tools that will do an even more comprehensive job.


Make a note of search volumes and any other details the keyword tool provides.


3. Analyze the Competition

Now, this is probably the most important step. The final thing we want to do is put our search terms into Google and see what results come up on the first page, and look at the competition.


To evaluate the competition, I use a handy tool called MozBar. This is a Google Chrome extension that, when installed, lets anyone quickly and easily see the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of competing sites. The higher the number, the more difficult it will be to outrank that site.


However, if the first page of the Google search results shows sites with PAs and DAs of anything around 30 or below, we know we have a better chance of ranking for that keyword.


One final step is to take a look at the sites on the first page of Google for our chosen search term and see how we can improve upon their content and outrank them!


That is it, we are good to go!


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