About Miss Matilda

About Miss Matilda

My name is Miss Matilda. My job was a radio host and newspaper journalist. When I opened this blog a little more than 2 years ago, it was out of a need, almost visceral, to tell my overflowing inner world and to transmit my dreams and values to readers. I wanted, at that time, to reconnect with the writing that I had neglected, exhausted after a long intense period in a big magazine.

With 2147 connections on the first night, the launch of my blog was a success. In the days that followed, I realized that this adventure was perhaps going to be more serious than I had imagined and so I developed my Instagram profile to promote Raising Miss Matilda.

Passionate about images and loving to express myself through them as well, my Instagram feed must have become interesting as a growing community, in addition to the one that had been following me since my radio days, formed. Brands quickly began to offer me partnerships, collaborations, contracts. Inevitably, I slipped, without realizing it, into the category of those we call "influencers".

Aligning my values with my actions

Like all of you, my life journey is in motion. I am constantly evolving in my ethics. Thus, my values, whose contours were not always clear-cut, are taking shape more and more clearly as I move forward in my reflections. I feel ready to adopt a course of action that will naturally allow me to align what I call my heart, my values, with my words, my actions, what emanates from me and is transmitted to others... including this community that interacts with me and is interested in my path.

More specifically, this position means unequivocally refusing proposals for partnerships with brands that do not correspond to my line of conduct. And there are many of them. This means giving up money. For me as an independent person with a small income, this is a significant decision with far-reaching consequences.

I know that it will close doors for me. But I also think that this publicly stated position will open doors for me. I choose to have confidence in life and in my resources. I know that I will somehow manage to make up the shortfall in some other way. I choose my truth so that I can feel aligned with myself and my values.

I am by no means perfect!

And if this position is a big step for me, I wish to emphasize the fact that I am in the midst of an evolutionary process concerning, among other things, ecology and my lifestyle. I'm still learning every day, and there will probably still be inconsistencies. I feel like a little girl in terms of dealing with ecology and spirituality. Like many of us.

I especially like the way Frah, the singer of Shaka Ponk (who is very concerned about the subject and who started an environmental project), puts the world in its place: "When it comes to ecology, we all suck at it! "That's it! It's a shortcut, but let's be sincere, it's a pretty good summary. It's a matter of being humble about it.